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Handbags Alina




Alina Clutch The Swan Feather

Featuring an ornate metallic feather handle, the Alina clutch radiates elegance and sophistication. Inspired by the same regal swan that roused the melodies of Tchaikovsky, the fluid jeté of Swan Lake’s princess and the elegiac prose of Yeats, an intricately carved feather sits majestically atop the clutch, perfectly arched to adorn one’s hand. Available in a variety of colours and finishes the Alina clutch is structured, hard-wearing and timeless.

Creation and Craftsmanship

Crafted in France, the Alina clutch is created with the finest hand-selected materials. Adorned with a metallic feather handle that is first moulded in wax, intricately carved and then formed in metal, the Alina clutch can be worn with the chain shoulder strap or clutched with the feather for support. Top stitched to perfection and featuring two compartments, each lined with smooth leather, the Alina clutch is the perfect evening bag.

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